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A Risk That Paid Off

Success is life’s opportunities waiting to be explored. Many of us live our lives by the book in a very stereotypical modus. Most of us are taught from a very young age that a proper education is the key to success and the only way out of poverty. While this method is true for many; there are other individuals who have chosen to thread the unconventional path into inordinate success. Truth be told, there are many ways in which we can take risks whether academically or taking challenging events and turning them into opportunities. Most individuals that are successful think outside the box, showing everyone that common sense, risk taking, and perseverance are the most effective tools to succeed. While there are many who have tried to follow various paths to success and have failed tremendously, there are those who success stories are now training simulations for us all.

In 2008 as the political atmosphere became more intense, there are very few people who could forget the fire storm that started over senator Barrack Obama’s controversial church leader Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This situation became very explosive and could have cost him the Presidency. While many called on the Democratic hopeful to step aside for Hilary Clinton, he stood his ground and took an enormous risk which could have sunk his entire political career.

He addressed the racially charged situation and turned it into a national symposium on how we as citizen from different racial backgrounds and different generations viewed things differently. He placed himself in a unique position being biracial and served as a connection between two worlds. He spoke about race relations quite openly; allowing each of us to search our hearts about our own biases. This risk that he took paid off and the rest is history; President Barrack Obama is now running for his second term in office. Although his success came through his academic achievements, he still took a risk and...
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