A Review on the Pirates of Silicon Valley

Topics: Operating system, Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: December 10, 2008
"Good artists copy. Great artists steal." I had come across this line by a famous cubist painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso, and made me comprehend that it is the gyrating concept of the motion picture Pirates of Silicon Valley.

The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a flick about the rivalry between Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computers, and Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. The movie draws out the historical development of these two large computer companies, from the time when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs’ college days to 1985, in moving pictures using old cinematography. It is an enlightening depiction of the evolution of a true phenomenon, the age of personal computers.

The movie also emphasized the negative qualities of the two gentlemen that are now having big names worldwide. Despite of the unenthusiastic attitude of Steve Jobs to his team and co-founders, he still managed to uplift and give a renowned recognition of the Apple Company. On the other hand, Bill Gates also tried to put everyone down who are in the same business even though Microsoft at first was an underdog. Still, he survived and also made Microsoft as a threatening counterpart to Apple. Moreover, the movie highlighted on how Apple grabbed the idea of the Graphic User Interface from Xerox, how Microsoft purchased the first Disk Operating System from an underground programmer, and how Bill Gates developed Windows behind Steve Jobs’ back. For these reasons, the revolutionaries were depicted by the title movie itself as the Pirates of Silicon Valley. Through this, they become the two richest men in the world.

What was really amazing about the film was that the two contenders actually worked together until Steve Jobs realized that Bill Gates developed Windows using the software that Apple had programmed for their computers.

The movie is really interesting for it caters the audience not only the development of the two largest computer companies nowadays but also the...
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