Apple vs Microsoft

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Bryant Ri’chard
Sheri Easton-Long
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Apple vs. Microsoft
Apple (formerly known as Macintosh) and Microsoft, without a doubt, produce the largest operating systems in the world OS X Lion and Windows 7. With Apple bringing in $20 billion and $4billion in profit, and Microsoft bringing in $62.48 billion and $18.76 billion in profit, there’s no doubt that these two super giants are going down anytime soon. Even though they are both huge companies that relatively offer the same products, they have their differences.

In 1975, a man named William “Bill” Gates started the company know as Microsoft through his interest of business and managing people. Ever since his early education, he became very competitive and driven to be on top with his company which led him to his rise to fame and unimaginable wealth. When Microsoft started, they were specializing in programming and software. Whereas when Apple started in 1976 by two men named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, they designed circuit boards for the next generation of computers. This led to the invention of the first ever home computer with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) the Apple Lisa.

Even thought these two companies got very different starts, they have one major thing in common that makes these companies boom; and that are their Operating Systems. Microsoft’s first operating system was known as MS-DOS (MicroSoft- Disk Operating System). This system was broken down to the very basics of executing basic processes of a computer. Same was with the first Macintosh operating system named MacOS. Both systems were the main kickoff for the biggest rivalry in the computer world. With both companies striving to be on top in innovation and quality, the both have come up with rivalry tools to be the king of computers.

Both of these companies have come a long way over the years. With Microsoft’s operating system being Windows 7 and Apples being OS X Lion, both systems have their perks depending on...

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