A Railway Journey

Topics: Ranchi, Reach, Debut albums Pages: 4 (1971 words) Published: February 27, 2013
A Railway Journey
I am a frequent traveller. That’s because I am a small town boy from Rourkela studying in the national capital of India. My batch friends who live nearby take every opportunity to go home be that a one day holiday or a week’s holiday. I on the other hand cannot exploit every holiday because travelling takes me 48 hours to reach home. Unfortunately there is no direct train from Delhi to Rourkela. So I have to switch trains in a preferable stop. I usually prefer Ranchi station. From Ranchi to Rourkela there is just one train in the evening that is the 7 pm train. My usual itinerary is that I travel from Delhi to Ranchi via Rajdhani which reaches there at 4 pm, and then I take the 7 pm train to reach Rourkela at 11 pm. I was so engrossed in my studies and exams that I forgot to book my ticket before time. When the holidays came near I suddenly realized that I hadn’t booked my ticket. I immediately opened IRCTC website from my laptop, and saw that my usual train Rajdhani was completely booked and no more tickets were available. I couldn’t risk booking a waiting list ticket so I booked an alternate train which takes relatively more time but I thought I’ll make it. It was supposed to reach Ranchi at 5:30 pm. I thought that I have a reasonable time gap and I can easily make it. Soon my exams got over and the time came for me to go home. To be frank, I usually get bored at home. But the idea of going home, the packing of my stuff, the travel and the journey is what excites me. I said goodbye to my friends, hugged them, and wished them happy holidays. A friend gave me chocolates for my journey and wished me happy journey. I just love this feeling. Since the exams were over they had nothing else to do, so they came with me to the station to see me off. I bought a bottle of Thums Up. Yes that’s my favourite drink. I went on and sat on my berth. I always prefer the side lower when I am travelling alone. There is a sense of privacy and is comfortable as...
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