A Perspective of Beauty

Topics: United States, North America, Mind Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: January 18, 2013
In today’s society, there has always been an argument about what defines beauty. The speculations range from how our body looks as a whole to the point that beauty lies within each body part. This idea of beauty is only a small portion of the whole picture in all retrospect. In real essence, beauty cannot really be defined with words but rather an array of art which encompasses the truth about beauty. The common misconception with beauty that many individuals either do not understand or choose to ignore completely is that beauty runs skin deep. Much like the air we breathe, beauty often exists both inside and outside of our body. To come aside from this truth can only be seen as an act of complete ignorance. And it is this ignorance that drives not only today’s youth but also today’s society into valuing external beauty over internal beauty. But one society that refrains from such ideology is the Latin community. This is probably because the community is rich in culture and so respect the words of their ancestors which consist of many lineages including the Aztec people. It is said that Aztec sages preached that humans of this world entered it without a face and so beauty was only attained beauty with the ongoing learning one may grasp throughout their life span along with presuming a role in society. This philosophical way of thinking may have led to the open minded perception that many individuals of Latin America carry when speaking about beauty and body image. The Latin community shares a culture that much of the world has yet come to understand and acknowledge. This is because the world we live in today is highly influenced by the media. The media presents a very perplexed way of looking at beauty, and this perception is the cause of many of today’s youth’s problems with accepting themselves. The portrayal of beauty by the media consists of models that display exterior qualities which seem almost unattainable. Such qualities include flawless skin, a...

References: http://www.muchacreative.com/Journalism/Latina%20beauty.html
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