A Person's Childhood Years Are the Most Important

Topics: Child, Personal life, Love Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: January 23, 2011
All people have a specific period in their lives that is very important to them. Personally I consider the childhood the most important one. This period ha a strong impact on the entire life of each of us. This impact can be positive or negative. It depends relatively on the childhood. Firstly, the childhood is the period of receiving. The child at this age has only thing to do that is receiving. The children receive the love and tenderness of their parents. This love will help them to become good adults. The adults who can love the others and can be loved by others. If a child does not get those feelings at this age, the impact of those feeling will not be the same on other period of the life. Secondly, in the childhood the child can learn how to be a responsible person. The parents at this age teach their children how to be responsible, by urging them to helping with household tasks or by doing their homework without the help of anyone. A responsible child is a responsible adult. Another reason that makes of the years of childhood a very important years of a person's life is because at this age the child can learn easily. Some studies show that the child has the capacity of learning until seven languages. They can remember easily the words and sentences even it is not their native language. They have the ability to count very quickly. Thus, the parents must take advantage of this period and boost the intelligence of their children. Some people believe that the years of childhood are not important because they do what their parents ask them to do, not what they want to do. I think that children at this age can not make some decisions by themselves. They have to follow the instructions of their parents who really know what the best is for their children. The years of the childhood are the most important years of a person's life. In thes years there are a lot to do to get a good person full of love, has the sense of responsibility and be very smart.
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