A New Manager at an Organization Struggling with Outdated Products

Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: December 13, 2010
This paper will discuss being a new manager for an organization that is struggling with outdated products and interpersonal unfriendly communication to add to the problems of the organization the financial resources are limited. This paper will discuss a management structure that can turn the organization around and make it profitable by offering a plan for changing the organizational structure by retraining employees, tasks, processes and functions. This paper will also address which steps should be taken to achieve a turnaround in organizational structure from old to new.

First and foremost one must consider what new policies must be written and implement them immediately in order to ensure the smoothest transition possible. It would be nearly impossible for a new manager that is not familiar with the organization to come in and make a smooth transition without completely reorganizing a good solid plan of action. Changes are obviously needed to turnaround the outdated product line, unfriendly conversation and the revenues for the organization. A good manager who can plan, organize, lead and control can make all the difference in the world to achieve optimum results in an organization structure. A step by step plan will help aid in the transition for the old to the new with new policies that will be effective immediately while explaining to employees the plan for the changes and allow them to ask questions. (Duggan, 2010). Inviting employee interaction with the decision process whenever possible will ensure everyone is on the same page with the changes. The strategic “New” organizational structure will be the foundation in determining the vision of the new organizational structure. (McCoy, 2009). The first step is to get an overview of what is working now within the organization and making the changes where it is lacking in control. Designing new departments or divisions will affect the organizational design. Align all programs and committees to...
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