A Mother's Impact

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Elisabeth L. Ramsey
A Mother’s Impact
In the summer of 2010, my mother became a single parent to my older brother and me. My mom and dad had filed for a divorce in the previous months and it was finalized in June. This was a tough time for me, but I knew I had to push forward to succeed. Living with my mother after the divorce, I felt that I had to excel because I wanted to bring something positive to my divorced family. My mother worked extremely hard for months, after the change to try and get our lives back to a state of stability. I remember her drive to make life better at home and it only challenged me to do the same thing. I wanted to help my mother get through such a hard time, and that’s what made me determined to excel every day. The impact she placed in my heart, the love she has for me and the memory of those hard times will never escape my mind.

The experience I had going through this particular divorce is bittersweet. Of course, it’s bitter because my parents are no longer together and I live in a single parent home, but I will never forget the remarkable healing of such a devastating event. It was beautiful the way that my mother rebuilt a platform of life for us. It only inspired me to do better. As soon as high school came back around, I immediately hammered down on my grades and was disciplined to get the grades I wanted to achieve. I also helped out around the house with chores, cleaning and other miscellaneous duties making sure everything was up to par for my mother. My whole attitude changed when my mother’s did and I’m proud to say that she inspired me to excel up to my full potential by letting my actions show for it, by seeing me perform in her expectations of me.

Also, my mother not only inspired me by her actions but with her words as well because she would all was tell me “ Never give up on what you really want”. She would always encourage me to help other people out and volunteer. My mom was always the one who was doing...
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