A Moral Theory That Satisfies Us All

Topics: Morality, Philosophy, Religion Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: December 8, 2013
When you think of ethics and moral theory overall the greatest philosophers in the world have always had different beliefs About the ethics of religion, justice, and how
To treat people. Yet, as brilliant as
Those philosophers were like Immanuel Kant and saccrotes were they among many others still could not answer the question of what would be a satisfactory moral theory or what it would be like. Based on the fact that there are so many people of different races Religions and cultural beliefs it has proven most difficult to answer that question. We live in a society where there are several laws rules and regulations that we must live by, which give us a partial idea of what a satisfactory moral theory would be like. In our textbook "the elements of moral philosophy by James Rachel's we find ourselves faced with that same question In reference to Immanuel's Kant "human beings have an intrinsic Worth or dignity that makes them valuable above all c

Price. Which clearly tells us we as humans should value ourselves and others as such . not kill or harm one another Yet, learn to love help and support one another. it does not really take any great philosopher to tell human beings the answer to what would be a satisfactory moral theory I would have to say love one another support each other lend a helping hand across the nation to those who may be less fortunate In doing so the world itself would be lifted to a greater height and the human race as a whole can thrive and come out of the economic slump it has been in for years. We as human beings have a duty to uplift each other in any positive way we are able to leaving out the utilitarian approach and implying only the social contract theories of philosophers like Kant. YET, Never forget to thank the divine for grace mercy and blessings and being able to bless others will be your reward. The burning answer to the question "what would a moral theory be like" happiness ,love, joy ,peace, and overall...
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