A Loser Syndrome

Topics: Wind, Failure, Luck Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Kurmanalieva Cholpon
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A loser syndrome

Everyone’s life consists of white and black strips. Sometimes we can’t define which one is met more regularly in our life. We feel joyful when the black strip finishes, and the white strip begins. But how should a person behave if the black strips are repeated more often than the white ones? A person starts thinking himself unlucky, sees just bad sides of life, and stops believing in changes. Then, he gives up and doesn’t want to do anything, because whatever he does, he’s sure that there’s something which always stops him from achieving a goal. As a result, there are depression, feeling of anxiety and uncertainty, spite, anger in the heart of a person. People understand that it’s impossible to get rid of all failures and losses of life, but they can learn how to overcome them, and, finally, get rid of a loser syndrome. There are some main solutions which will help people prevent the complex of a loser. First what a person should do is not to give up easily. A disappointed person is like a magnet that attracts only failure and unhappiness. That’s why a person should change himself and his attitude to everything surrounding him to start attracting just positive things as luck and success. Stop thinking yourself a victim of circumstances or personal unluckiness, instead, believe in success, prosperity, and wealth. After all, people usually feel sorrow to victims, but don’t want to have any cooperative affairs and transactions with complaining people not to attract additional problems connected with failure. That’s why convince yourself that everything will be OK, and all problems are temporary and possible to be solved; it’s just a matter of time. As Tomas Edison said “Many people give up not even suspecting how much they were close to success at that moment their spirit fell.” Don’t be in despair and just never give up! Secondly, you should always remember that each failure...
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