A Debate on the Law to Ban Firearms

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Crime Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Denzen Gibbs

English 95

Darian Buchannan

Argument Essay

To my understanding from what I have read and heard on the news our president Barack Obama is trying to pass a law to ban firearms. I personally believe that this is a bad idea because it wont stop the violence or the crime rate and deaths will still occur all over the world even if the guns are banned there are multiple ways to cause an act of violence.

I think even if guns were banned the crime rate will drop just a little bit but would still be very high or make a difference at all because guns aren’t the only way that people cause violence in order to harm another person. If someone really wanted to cause harm they could do it simple without even using a gun. Guns are the main tool to use to kill someone because it’s the easiest and it’s a lot more faster to just pull a trigger but even if they are banned it wont make a difference at all.

In my opinion banning guns will increase the rate of people getting guns illegally because it happens now. A person already does it when they have a criminal record of gun use and are no longer able to own a gun without being arrested so they turn to the black market or buy them from someone who illegally traffics the weapon. Tracing guns would most likely drop the rate of gun trafficking once the crime is committed and the gun is the evidence and they can trace the gun back to the person. Not saying that could work every time though.

A lot of the time guns are used as a product of defense and I strongly support that, especially when you are being threatened and you feel that your life is in danger. Guns are intimidating if you are in the act of another person harming you and you flash a gun in their face of course they will back away it is what any normal person would do who doesn’t want to be shot by someone protecting themselves.

A lot of people are blaming the media for gun violence and I think that is not true. It takes one person to do...
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