A Day I'Ll Never Forget

Topics: The Table, Final examination Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 7, 2007
I looked around my room once more, turned-off the lights then closed the door quietly. I crept into my parent's bedroom and kissed my mother on the forehead lightly, pulled the comforter tighter around her frail body then let my gaze linger on my father's empty side of the bed. After a few moments, I headed to my younger sister's room. Little Mia. She would probably hate me for leaving, but she needs to grow up and learn to be independent sooner or later; just sooner than she thought, much sooner.

Quietly, I walked over to Mia's study table, grabbed a piece of paper and took out my pen from my pocket. I turned on the study lamp which lit up her whole room but she didn't even stir in her sleep. A small smile appeared across my face as I thought about how Mia always slept like a log and wondered if she would ever grow out of this habit. I didn't want her to. I loved Mia the way she was, she was so precious and unique that I could almost imagine a great big sign around her body that said: ‘Handle with Care'. A tear almost escaped from my eyelids but I quickly turned my concentration to the note that I was about to leave for Mia.

When I finished, I tucked the note into ‘Black Beauty', Mia's favourite book which lay on top of her math book at the table. I stayed a few moments more and said a silent prayer, asking God to watch over Mia that she will learn to become a stronger person and learn to believe in herself more. My beautiful little Mia, I watched her body rise and fall to her slow breathing and whispered a little goodbye. I gave her a small peck on the cheek before closing her room door and moving on.

I walked over to the kitchen where Romeo was sleeping. As I got nearer, it awoke at the sound of my footsteps and immediately sprang up to lick me in the face. Darling Romeo, the best dog I've ever had, but now I've to leave him too. He seemed to sense my sadness, as if it was just a sniff away and looked at me with those big round eyes of his. I sighed...
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