A Day Without Electricity

Topics: EastEnders, National Television Awards, 2004 albums Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: December 3, 2014
The power cut

The hall was dark and gloomy, lit only by a few candles. Everything was more vivid when there was a power cut, shapes were jumping out of the wall and the door handle was moving up and down. I knew I had to take my mind off the power cut but there were not that many things that I could do, EastEnders wouldn’t have been on, nor would Coronation Street. Life seemed pointless like this. I had one idea, lingering at the back of my mind; I secretly knew it was my only option. Reading. I unwillingly dragged myself up the dark staircase and got a book. The hours ticked past slowly with even more things squeaking, you noticed a lot more in the dark as I found out. I couldn’t wait for this endless power cut to be over. Everyone else was preoccupied somehow, unlike me. I decided to go to the park with my friends, I went to knock for them and it seemed like they were just as bored as me. It was dark outside, not lit by the comforting street lights but other than that I guessed we were having fun. In some ways things were better like this, no one’s eyes were stuck to a screen and everyone was talking to each other. At half seven the power came back, just in time for Coronation street. I couldn’t imagine spending my whole life without electricity; it was like my life revolved around it. Lots of things are powered by it, the TV, the cooker and the lights. My day was different, but im still not entirely convinced it was better.
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