A Day in the Life - A Case Study

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A Day in the Life - A Case Study

In this assignment, you will read a case study, answer questions and write a story with a partner and then write a story by yourself and create a powerpoint. This is designed to take three class periods. All written portions are to be completed in Microsoft word unless otherwise noted and will be turned in. You will present portions of this project to your classmates.

Jimmy was awakened by his mother calling up the stairs, "Jimmy, you're going to be late!" He looked at the small alarm clock and saw that the hands had stopped moving at 2:36. He must have forgotten to wind it again. He jumped out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Fortunately, he'd showered just two days ago so he could get by without one today. He splashed his face with cold water, brushed his teeth, and slicked back his hair with Bril cream. Then he returned to his bedroom to get dressed in cotton pants, a cotton button-down shirt, and a sweater vest. He hadn't polished his shoes for a few days and they needed it, but they'd just have to wait; he didn't have time this morning.  He headed to the kitchen, where his dad was sitting at the table reading the local newspaper while his mom scrambled eggs. His dad pointed out a small article in the society section about the birthday party they'd had last week for Jimmy's little sister Betty. The paper had included every little detail, from the pink dress his sister wore, to the marble cake they ate, to the Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game they played. Usually Jimmy liked to read the parts of the paper his father had finished during breakfast, especially the comic strip Dick Tracy, but he didn't have time to linger today. He bolted his down his scrambled eggs, toast, and fresh-squeezed orange juice, grabbed his stack of books, and ran out the door. He strapped his books to the back of his bike and hopped on for the six block ride to school. He liked to ride by the vacant lot and read all of the billboards that were there. Every once in awhile, there was a new one or they'd change one of the old ones. Jimmy liked reading billboards - they made the monthly, one-hour drive to the City to visit his grandparents more interesting. His favorite were the Burma Shave billboards. Next time they went to his grandparents, he was going to take his buddy Ricky. Ricky's grandparents lived nearby and Ricky had never been to the City before.  School that day went quickly, though Jimmy had a hard time keeping his mind on the lectures and his lessons. He was thinking about his date that night with Patty. They were going to see the movie "On the Town," starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, with a group of friends. They'd all been waiting eagerly for that movie to come to town. The "down side" was that Jimmy would have to miss his favorite radio show, "The Shadow," which was only on Friday nights.  After school, Jimmy went straight home. His mother had some chores for him to do before he went out with Patty. She wanted him to straighten-up his room and "do something with all that trash!" Jimmy's mother did not understand that his collection of "Captain Midnight" and "Superman" comic books were not trash, even if it was spread out all over his room! As he straightened up his room, Jimmy wished his family had more money so he could have his own radio in his room. He really liked to listen to popular singers like Hank Williams, but his parents wanted to listen to big bands and they usually got their way.  Soon his mom called him down for dinner. He wanted to get a burger, fries, and milkshake before the movie, but his mother insisted that he eat a nutritious home-cooked meal.  She had made meat loaf and mashed potatoes with gravy.  During dinner the family talked about their day and their weekend plans. Jimmy's mother shared a telegram she'd received that day from her sister; she'd given birth to her fifth child - a baby boy she named John.  She also reminded his dad that she would be...
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