A Comparison of Traditional and Performance-Based Assessment

Topics: Assessment, Multiple choice, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: May 10, 2013
A COMPARISON OF TRADITIONAL AND PERFORMANCE-BASED . ASSESSMENT Introduction Assessment can be defined as an umbrella term which includes various tools and methods used to determine the extent to which the students are achieving the predetermined learning objectives and outcomes of a lesson. There are different types of assessment tools which can be used to test student knowledge and see their current levels on specific subjects and two major types of these tools are traditional types of assessment tools and performance-based assessment tools. Traditional types of assessments are generally knowledge-based assessment tools which include conventional types of tests such as multiple-choice questions, short answer essays or constructed responses and standardized tests whereas in performance based assessments, students are required to perform a task rather than selecting from options provided and students are assessed according to their performance outcomes and to what extent those outcomes are in relation to the rubrics or feedback tools. In the following parts of this essay, I compare the traditional assessment and performance-based assessment by stating the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. In addition, I discuss these methods in relation to their effects on teaching and learning by providing specific examples.

Performance-based assessment includes a wide range of tools such as portfolios, research projects, role-play, drama, extended essays, research papers, peer feedback, observation and interviews, practical work, research projects and practical work. The common feature of each one is that they do not only test students’ knowledge, but also their ability to put their knowledge into use. In other words, students can demonstrate what they know in such tools. One of the advantages of...
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