Distinction Between Assessment and Evaluation

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In the last fifteen years, much has been written about assessment and evaluation. Educators use two distinct processes to help students build lifelong learning skills: assessment and evaluation. Assessment provides feedback on knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work products for the purpose of elevating future performances and Learning outcomes. Evaluation determines the level of quality of a performance or outcome and enables decision-making based on the level of quality demonstrated. These two processes are complementary and necessary in education. The objective of this paper is to draw important distinctions between assessment and evaluation, underscoring the need for both processes to occur at separate places and times, and ideally through different roles the play in educational improvement of a student.

Definition of Assessment
Assessment is a fact finding activities that described condition that exist at a particular time. (NTI, 2006). Assessment is a process by which information is obtained relative to some known objective of goal (Bob, 2011). According to The Academic Exchange Quarterly studies of a theoretical or empirical nature (including case studies, portfolio studies,exploratory experimental work) addressing the assessment of learner aptitude and preparation, motivation and learning styles, learning outcomes in achievement and satisfaction in different educational context are all welcome, as are studies addressing issues of measurable standard and benchmarks. Definition of Evaluation

a systematic process of determining what the actual outcomes are but it always involve judgemnet of whatever outcomes are demonstrated. (Travers, 1995). an evaluation, or evaluations, are a set of statements or activities that seek to point out whether the objectives were met. It is the last part of inquiry, and involves telling people whether the solution or the goal has been realized or not. Evaluation can result in three things: one is that there has been a positive change, the second being a negative change, and the last being no change or development at all. ( retrieved from www. Google.com on 19/02/2011). It is also defined as the process of ascertaining the decision of concern, selecting appropriate information and collecting and analyzing information in order to report summary data useful to decision makers in selecting among alternatives (Alkin, 1971) The process of delineating, obtaining and providing useful information for judging decision alternatives (Stufflebeam et al 1971). Distinctions Between Assessment And Evaluation

The distinction between evaluation and assessment is controversial. "In the field of evaluation, there is some degree of disagreement in the distinctions often made between the terms 'evaluation' and 'assessment.' Some practitioners would consider these terms to be interchangeable, while others contend that evaluation is broader than assessment and involves making judgments about the merit or worth of something (an evaluand) or someone (an evaluee)." The most important element of assessment and evaluation is to provide information for improved student performance. When one looks at a mark of 65% or a C in Language/English, it is important to know how the student can improve to receive a 75% or a B next time. Look at the evidence and work with the teacher to determine the areas of strength and the areas of weakness to improve overall learning

Difference between assessment and...

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