A Collection of Essays by George Orwell

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Book Review
Essays of Orwell

George Orwell (1903 – 1950)
Edited by :

Review done by :
Fahimuddin Shaikh
Roll no. 44
R.H.Patel English Medium B.Ed. College
Kadi Sarva VishwaVidyalaya Campus,
Sector 23, Gandhinagar.
Year 2007-2008

Introduction :

1) The Aims of Book review :

The book-review is appreciating, analyzing and criticizing a book wherein the reviewer goes through the book comprehensively to come out with his own ideas about the book and its value in terms of its internal and external features i.e. the content, subject-matter, theme, language, target appropriateness, impact upon the readers, the ability of the writer to convey his ideas and intention behind his work as well as the composing, binding, price, size and other physical features of the book.

2) Objectives of Book review :

1. The students develop writing skill by preparing notes.
2. The students develop interest in reading.
3. The students develop the reading skill.
4. The students acquire the hobby to develop the attitude of reading. 5. The students organize their thoughts.
6. The students get to know the nature of the book.

3) Importance of Book review :

It enriches the knowledge.
It enriches the language.
It improves the skill of reading, writing and presentation.
It develops the thinking ability.

(4 ) Advantages of Book review :

As B.Ed. is a new field for teacher-trainees to get acquainted with various types of books, the book-review enables them to acquire necessary skills of reading, writing, appreciating, criticizing and presentation.

(5) Title of the book :

The title of the book selected for the book-review is ‘Essays of Orwell’ edited by M.G.Nayar.

(6) The aims of selecting a particular book :

Selection of a particular book depends upon the need and the interest of the reviewer. The reviewer can review the book which he liked the most regarding the content or idea of the book. Or he can review a book to appreciate a particular work of art or literature or some useful information given in the book.

I have selected ‘Essays of Orwell’ which is a compilation of essays written by George Orwell (1903-1950) in a very simple and lucid language. The aim of my selecting the ‘Essays of Orwell’ for the book-review is that the author shares his real-life experiences written with great earnestness and with the purpose of exposing, ridiculing and reforming the evils that prevailed in his age. Also the essays brings out the author’s extraordinary wide range of taste and concerns – like social, cultural literary, political and autobiographical.

External features of the book :

1) Name of the book :

The name of the book selected for the book-review is ‘Essays of Orwell’ and is edited by M.G.Nayar.

2) Name and detail of the author :

The author of the book is George Orwell,
one of the most prominent essayists of the
20th century. Eric Arthur Blair, who
later became famous as George Orwell,
was born at Motihari in Bengal where his
father Richard Blair was employed in
the Customs and Excise Department of
the Government of India.


Orwell was sent to England at a very early age and he saw very little of his father till he returned to England on his retirement. His early years were very unhappy; he was lonely and had few playmates or companions. He had two sisters, a father and a mother all of whom were no closer to him. They were poor and the family depended solely on Mr.Blair’s small pension which was barely enough to keep up appearances. They found an exclusive preparatory school in the south coast, which was prepared to take the promising boy at a concessional rate in the expectation that he would win a scholarship and bring credit to the school. The lonely and sensitive boy had a very unhappy time in this school run by a snobbish headmaster...
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