Analysis of Censorship on Literature: The Catcher in the Rye

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Censorship is the prohibition of allowing an individual or a group to read or see something. Censorship on written works has long been debated whether it is necessary or not to perform such an act on books. The Catcher in the Rye is among a portion of literature pieces that has been outlawed in libraries and schools across America for the unsuitable and inappropriate topics, language, and themes. Some believe censorship is positive because it regulates and sets standards for the children’s literature, while other people, including myself, believe censorship is bad.because it forbids children to be exposed to all types of literature.

Being permitted to read any piece of literary work is very beneficial to the students. Although the storyline in the book may be too negative overall, students are able to analyze the elements and problems that make up the negativity and learn from it to make sure their life doesn’t end up like that. It’s almost the same as modifying your own life to make it better when you see other people make mistakes or do something bad or out of hands. For example, during Mr. Spencer and Holden’s conversation about the forfeiting of the game, Mr. Spencer tells Holden that “life is a game [and you had to] play according to the rules” (8). Holden reacts to this quietly in his mind by saying. “Game, my ass” (8). From this scenery, the audience is able to see how stubborn, narrow-minded, and thoughtless he is. From these negative characteristics, the readers are able to see what a negative influence he is, which disgusts the readers, making them hope to not ever intake such characters.

Limiting these types of books also leads to limiting the students’ and children’s enrichment of their education/knowledge. These books provide a certain type of style and...
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