A Coca-Cola Great Britain Case Study

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Organizations and Behavior(Unit 3)

Scenario: A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

Tasks and my solution.

P1- Compare and contrast different organizational structures and culture.

Different types of organizational structures and culture.The things what influence the structure of a organization-task,size,age,staff,environment and culture and management style.

1.Role Culture
This is where roles are more important than individuals. In a role structure, everyone has their designated job descriptions, procedural handbook,accountabilities sheet, hierarchical career path, reward structure.E.G: banks, government offices, insurance companies,etc.

2.Power Culture
The power culture have a strong leader whit central power who have authority and power.Whit great power it comes great responsability.Responsability must be supported by authority.The leader is manipulating all the organizational activities and they must feel able to take big risks.

3.Person Culture
Small groups of proffesional work together and design an organization based around a person culture like small consultancies,arhitects,chambers.they only come toether at work just as a matter of convenience or self interest.e.g. consultants in the NHS, or computer programmers or IT people who work on short-term contracts.

4.Task Culture
In this type of culture structure team work has the priority.Is a team work project based in matrix structure.Here there is no single source of power is about individuals creativity to work together towards organisational goals.E.g. technology companies and management consultancies.

P2-Based on the Scenario given,explain how the relationship between an organization*s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business.

I think the relationship between arganization is very important for that Coca-Cola have a sow big succes.They used a task culture what i think is the best way to a organization because is a team work whit allots of peoples who has very good ideas about the product,publicity and selling.Is a centralised organization because they need to know everything about the products they make and quality.they are very proffesional and the decisions is taking just by the managers.First of all they start from down.e.g.(Functional structure) just one or two products make by a group of employees and after that they make a very good team whit the bottles from all around the world and sending them product in every corner of the glob.In time whit new ideas they grouwth bigger and bigger and now is the best company of the world.They come whit new products on the market ofcourse they tested first to be sure it will be profitable on the market.They come whit different times of bootles for family to drinking at home 2l,for people who drinking every time walking on the street a smaller bootle(half bootle).If is understanding and working whit the smile on your face,every day its a beautyfoul day coming whit new ideas and profitable ones.Now they have allots of products like Coke,Sprite, etc this because they have new ideas from different tipes of people around the world, is about culture,how to make a good product for customers. I have one good example.Like 5 years all of my family was leaving together,and in that time i was in good relationship whit my parents and brothers too.My mother is cocking the best cake ever for us ,i am telling you very good product.I this days because we don*t have the same relationship in our family,my mother is cocking very rare and when is doing that cake is not sow good enymore.This is about relationship,harmony and love in one group(task culture). This organization is selling the product in every corner of the glob using a geographically based structure.

P3-Discuss the factors which influence individual behavior at work....
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