Nike Structure

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An organizational structure can be defined as a pattern of relationships of different component in an organization. Organization structure thus refers to the arrangement of relationships among different positions and people in an organization (HRM GUIDE 2009, Para. 2). Importance of organizational structure

Organization structure gives authority and responsibility to individuals. It directs who is in charge of what and who is responsible for what outcome. The structure helps individuals to know their roles and how to relate to each other in the organization (HRM GUIDE 2009, Para. 3). The organization structure gives the pattern of communication and coordination in the organization. By grouping activities and individuals, organization structure helps to facilitate communication between individuals centered in their responsibilities. This enables information sharing and problem solving. Location of decision centers: organization structure determines the centre of decision making and the source of power in an organization. Proper balancing: organization structure ensures good coordination between different groups in the organization. Nike Company

It is a publicly traded supplier of sportswear and equipment in the United States. The company headquarters are based in Beaverton. Nike is the world’s greatest manufacture and supplier of athletic shoes. The Company adopts a hybrid of both functional and divisional structure. The chief executive officer is in the top of the hierarchy and the following managers directly report to him: the corporate vice president, manager operations, manager Jordan brand, manager Nike brand, manager global basketball, manager Americas brand, manager administration, manager Brand and category management, manager footwear, human resources manager, sports marketing manager and the manager in charge of Nike design (Official Board 2009, Para. 1). Looking at the Nike structure we realize that each brand has a department that organizes its...
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