A Brief Overview of Drones

Topics: World War II, World War I, Queen bee Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: November 11, 2014
A Brief Overview of Drones
-----Based on the presentation given by Dr. John Hill and Dr. Ann Rogers
The history of drones started in 1917 when Peter Cooper and Elmer A. Sperry

invented the first gyroscopic stabilizer, which ensured airplanes to fly forward as well

keeping balance. The first drone named Sperry Aerial Torpedo was born in 1917

which equipped with the gyroscopic stabilizer, and it can fly 50 miles with 300

pounds of bombs. Nevertheless, this very first drone had never been put into use on

real battlefield. Before 1935, not a single drone could go back to where it was

lunched, which limit the drones to be used for a second time. DH.82B Queen Bee

which innovated in 1935, had totally changed the situation, the technology of drones

were more practical since then; because it could go back to its launching point. The

drone named Ryan Fire bee which appeared in 1955 was the first drone that propelled

by air injection technology. The series of drones named The Pioneer were the series

which could be produced at a low cost, they had been used in real battlefield and they

are largely used by navies; because they could float on the water and got collected

back on the water. After that the drones has been developing at an unprecedented

speed. By now, drones are extensively used in worldwide battlefields and they can

shoot the target with an extremely accuracy.

The technology of drones had been vastly developed during the last century. Some

people believe drones are so accurate that individual terrorist suspects or insurgents

can be targeted with little risk to civilians. However, many people assert to ban the

use of drones because drones are made up by rigid machines and cannot always react

in the right way in some special situations. They could hurt a vast number of innocent

citizens. And that was exactly what we understood from the figure that showed in the...

References: Hill, J. and Rogers, A. (2014, October 24).  "The Rise of the Drones from the Great War to Gaza."  VIU Theatre, Nanaimo, BC.
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