Drones Civil Liberties

Topics: Police, Surveillance, Law enforcement Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: August 28, 2013
How Might Drones Infringe On Our Civil liberties
1. Might such flights constitute a trespass? Rep. Edward J. Markley, Massachusetts Democrat has introduced a detailed drone privacy bill that would require police to obtain warrants before using drones for surveillance. Rep. Ted Poe a conservative Texas Republican, has introduced legislation that includes similar privacy safeguards and warrant provisions. The concern for this issue has reached across the aisle with Liberal Democrats such as Dianne Feinstein expressing the same concerns as Ultra – Conservative Republicans such as Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The issue of who controls these drones and has access to the data they collect is of deep concern. The multinational company Google just recently settled a law suit over their Google maps divisions’ data collection during their street level collection. The suit was based on Google’s use of data they acquired via recording devices while they drove aroundthe country gathering everything from phone conversations to computer passwords. Who stops the drones from only collecting on the warranted individuals? These are pieces of technology used by our spy agencies and military to actually look through walls via thermal imaging and ultra-sensitive listening devices which can hear your most personal conversations. How will the unwarranted material collected be handled? Will it still be subject to review and used against citizens? The notion that these drones will be a safer means of collection is in agreement everywhere, it removes individuals such as informants wearing wires from harm’s way and allows our law enforcement agencies to view locations for possible danger before attempting to serve criminal warrants. The question becomes are your civil liberties being violated with information being gathered as the drone passes over your location? 2. Are drones a violation of due process?

From the earliest days of...
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