A Beautiful Mind - Summary of the Movie

Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusion Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: June 30, 2011
A Beautiful Mind
(Total Points for assignment = 40)

For this assignment, you will watch the movie A Beautiful Mind. Your textbook has a brief summary of the movie and compares the movie to what is known about John Nash’s life. I have also provided you with supplemental information on Schizophrenia in the powerpoint that is attached to this assignment.

Using this checklist, provide evidence of the criteria with examples of Nash’s behavior. For example, under Dysfunction, give me examples of things that Nash did that are indications of his dysfunction. He was unable to continue teaching, etc. Using this same document, you can add the text under each symptom. Please italicize your text in order to make it easier for me to grade.

Finally, at the end of the document, I want you to determine (using the powerpoint information) whether you think Nash’s Schizophrenia could be categorized as Paranoid Type, Disorganized Type, Catatonic Type, or Undifferentiated Type, or Residual Type. Explain how you made that choice.

The DSM-IV criteria for Schizophrenia are as follows:

• Symptoms. Two or more of the following symptoms that have lasted for a substantial part of at least one month (or less, is effectively treated with medication) o Delusions (only one symptom is required if a delusion is bizarre, such as being abducted in a space ship from the sun) He is delusional that he is a federal agent and his arm was imbedded with something that helps him crack the codes and sees codes jump out from newspapers. He also is delusional that his wife wants to have him committed and is out to get him. o Hallucinations (only one symptom is required if hallucinations are of at least two voices talking to each other or of a voice that keeps up a running commentary on the patient’s thoughts or actions) John has hallucinations of having a college roommate name Charlie and even sees Charlie’s niece Marcee. He hallucucinates...
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