Ziba Design: Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Need, Consultative selling Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 13, 2014
A company or brand’s value proposition is the set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to consumers to satisfy their needs. Ziba values it customers experience with their brand. They take the time to understand what really gets their customers, what kind of emotions will their customers have when they buy a product. What motivates their customers to buy a new product? What values are the customer looking for? These questions help Ziba Design understands the customers’ needs and wants.

Step one Ziba Design did to be able to understand their customers’ needs and wants they have to go through extensive research period to get new information they didn’t have before. The one thing they made very clear in the video is that it’s not what you know already, it what you don’t know that will help you understand you customers.

Step two is design a customer-driven market strategy has to make sure they had a diverse group of people working together to understand what will work in the market place. Having diversity in their company and using that to help their market strategy. Once Ziba Design has an understanding that their target customers are and have a product that is for them, they test it. Ziba test their product with customers, with the competition and refine it if must.

Step three is constructing an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value. Ziba studies the market and trend that are happening in the present. Once they have an understanding of the trend and market they use trend analysis and trend application to know when and where to bring a new product to the public. Steps four is building profitable relationships and create customer delight. Ziba Design appreciates their customers by giving them an experience with the brand. When Ziba Design creates anew product they are not just selling that product. They are telling a story with that product and making such an experience the customers come back and even tell others about it....
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