Your Are Required to Identify Two Specific Performance Management Issues. These Issues Relate to the Performance Management Process and Link Performance Management to Strategic Planning in Your Organisations.

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Application of those principles, that is, the analysis and evaluation of the example problem based on the principles, including the final recommendations and their justification| | | /8|
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How well the example problem was described, including the extent and depth of information (including the data) about it that was accessed| | | /4|
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Structure and presentation| |
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Your are required to identify two specific performance management issues. These issues relate to the performance management process and link performance management to strategic planning in your organisations.

Develop a proposal that includes a clear and concise discussion on the following: * The performance management process that occur in your organisation * The extent to which there is a link between performance management and strategic planning in your organisation * An explanation of what you think needs to be done to;

-Improve the performance management process
- Improve the link between performance management and the strategy of your organisation * The benefit your organisation will achieve when this is done.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
The Organization3
Current performance management system4
The Prerequisite.4
Performance planning5
Performance execution5
Performance assessment5
Performance review5
Performance renewal and recontracting6
Linking to the strategic plan6
How can it be improved?7
Benefit to the organisation8

Executive Summary

Within this organisation there are two clear performance issues, they being the current performance appraisal system and lack of adequate staff development. Performance management system once properly instituted is critical to the success of all organisations. The development and use of this system should not be done in isolation, but be effectively linked to the organisation’s overall strategic goals. If done correctly, it is an uncomplicated way of getting good results. In today's challenging environment, organisations must become more strategically focused if they expect to be successful. This is done by effectively communicating the organisation’s mission, vision, core values and strategies to all members of the organisation....

References: Aguinis, H,. (2009) Performance Management. Pearon, Prentiss Hall. 2nd Edition
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