Year Round School Essay

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: January 6, 2016

Ring Ring! there's go the alarm clock, Oh yeah! I have to go to school. Think about it, three months of not using anything that we learned during the school year and we are expected to effectively jump back from that. With year-round schooling, we can better transition to the next grade without having to recap what we learned in the previous year.This point can be proven in three basic concepts; First, less schooldays wasted, more days progressing and advancing. Secondly, year-round schooling will create less stress for students and teachers . Finally, information can be retained faster, save time for the teachers, and improve test grades.
So how does year-round schooling provide less schooldays wasted, more days progressing...

More time means a more flexible schedule for homework and assignments. Shorter school days, as short as 180/365, 0.493150685 long days or about half the typical hours a school day lasts. Imagine only having to go to school only 3 hours a day! The school year would be longer but the days would be super short. Plus, after school help could last longer for those who need it, and more time for students and teachers to focus on their personal lives, relieving stress for everyone. Ultimately, with all that extra time, students have more time to focus and study. In a year's total, it would give at least 540 more hours of free time, so there would be literally no excuse for late or missing work unless a student has super unique circumstances. information can be retained faster,save time for the teachers, and improve test grades for example my cousin lives in georgia and her year round schooling is going great she’s in the same grade as me and she is farther ahead of me. Less schools hours per day would mean less information that would have to be memorized per day. Miss days will have less effects on information. More ability to take time to do good work. Less have to review at one time. More time for tests review, and less...
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