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In the present stage, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is being increasingly important among companies’ operation. This report is to investigate students’ perceptions of Starbucks’ CSR policies and practices with regards to the environment. Research methods employed in the study comprised questionnaire and interview. Participants were 50 XJTLU students majoring in business, who were asked questions about their understanding of CSR, attitudes towards Starbucks and its environmental CSR policies. The results show that CSR practices of Starbucks have an important effect on students’ purchasing behavior. The findings also demonstrate that the publicity of what Starbucks has done in terms of CSR needs some improvement as some of their policies are seldom known. On the whole, CSR does play a significant role globally and have a strong influence on the future success of Starbucks.

1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Background4
1.2 Aims4
2.0 Literature Review5
2.1 Research Questions7
3.0 Methodology7
3.1 Sample7
3.2 Materials7
3.3 Procedure7
3.4 Data Handling8
4.0 Results and Analysis8
4.1 Research Question 18
4.2 Research Question 29
5.0 Conclusion11
5.1 Overview11
5.2 Limitations11
5.3 Recommendations12
Reference list12
Appendix 1: Questionnaire14
Appendix 2: Collected data17

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a type of self-regulation abiding by legislations, ethical standards and global norms, which are used by businesses to monitor their policies and activities. As the ongoing process of information revolution, CSR is becoming increasingly important. Meanwhile, the competitive international market makes CSR especially outstanding. According to Dontigney (2012), CSR consists of four types, which are the environment, fiscal, human rights and philanthropy. As for the environment, corporations are expected to actively alter operating procedures to reduce their...
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