Topics: Suicide, Family, Suicide methods Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: December 2, 2013
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Chloe Bernard
Period 5

Question: What qualities does a hero possess?

In A Thousand Splendid Suns I think there are multiple heroes. Mariam, Tariq, and Laila all become heroes to one another at least once throughout the book. Mariam’s hero journey all starts from her 15th birthday, when her mother commits suicide due to the fact that Mariam’s father Jalil would not let her in after agreeing to take her to Pinocchio. Mariam chooses to sleep on the street and wait for her father, and she discovers her mother has commit suicide when Jalil’s chauffer drives her back home. Mariam feels guilt for her mother’s death and that she is responsible for the reason her mother killed herself. Mariam had always dreamed of living with Jalil and her half siblings, but now that she had been living with Jalil she wouldn’t accept his invitations to family activities but rather sit in her room. Jalil’s wives did not want anything to do with Mariam, so to get rid of Mariam they force her to marry Rasheed, who was a shoemaker from Kabul. Mariam has already been living an unpleasant life and she comes to find that Rasheed is abusive after the many miscarriages she suffers from. Rasheed had lost a son many years ago along with his previous wife, and Rasheed continued to take his anger out on Mariam for her inability to have children. Eighteen years later we meet Laila who lives down the street from Mariam and Rasheed. Laila and a boy Tariq fall in love when Laila is just fourteen and when Kabul is being bombed. Tariq and his family decide to flee to Pakistan when war reaches Kabul and impregnated Laila is left with Rasheed and Mariam due to the fact both of her parents were killed. A stranger Abdul, brings Laila news that the love of her life, Tariq has been killed. Laila, with the situation she’s in, decides to marry Rasheed. Laila essentially becomes a hero for Mariam, and for Rasheed because she is fertile. Mariam and Laila become allies as...
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