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Choose any of the activities on the website. What did you learn by completing the activity?
Based on the information provided, why do we still live in a largely segregated country? What do you think about the state of race relations in our country today?

I learned that appearance doesn’t always tell you about someone’s ancestry or self-identity. Most people base a person’s race off of the way they look and in most cases they are wrong because they don’t know exactly what race they are by just looking at them.
In the human diversity quiz I was shocked to find out that fruit flies have the most genetic variation. In the split identity part they mentioned that black women have the highest chance of being strip-searched out of all US citizens. That amazed me because I would think black women would get treated the same as a white women while getting searched in public.
I feel like people still live in a largely segregated country because people allow it to still be segregated. Most people still group others by race, class, and choices they make in life. I don’t think it’s segregated because it’s supposed to be its just that way because people make it that way by following one another and doing as others do by separating others from themselves based on characteristics. I hate when I fill out applications for certain things and seeing the check box for race. I think that things should be based off a persons as a whole not the color or race that they are. I think that right there leads people to think that others still need to be segregated and put into groups based on color and race. People at the end of the day are just people and that’s how it should be looked at.

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