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Leilani Hiciano
Mrs. Magnan
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Saint Teresa of Avila
Judge and Decide 1. Discuss what Teresa is saying in the above prayer. How does this fit in with the image of the Church as the Body of Christ in the world?
I think that Teresa is trying to say that we all have Christ within our hearts and we are him in a sense because we were made in the vision of God and he is God’s son. This fits into that image in the way that we as humans make up the church so it says that we are a part of him just as much as he is a part of us. 2. Outline five ways in which we as Catholics can show Christ’s compassion to the world.

1. Showing empathy when needed. 2. Forgiving everyone who needs your forgiveness. 3. Helping others who need it. 4. Putting others before you and your needs. 5. Loving others just as he loves us.

3. What will you choose to do yourself?
I try to do all of these but I often find it hard to do most of them, so I try to focus in the ones that are absolutely necessary for us to live in peace and harmony.
Sharing Faith with Family and Friends 1. How can you imagine your family being one to witness Christian values, sharing the word of god together when appropriate, sharing together in some kind of regular family worship, and caring before the welfare of family members as well as people outside the family.
I would personally love for those things to be a common thing in my household but I know it won’t happen because humans are greedy and put themselves before everyone else; not everyone within this family circle is religious or even believe in God as an actual being. 2. What can you contribute to helping your family be the ‘domestic church’?
I, as an individual and member of this family, can contribute by encouraging others in this family unit to go to church and show the stories in modern day times in which Christianity has been a good thing and has helped people get through their struggles and hard

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