Wuthering Heights Gothic Genre

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What is Gothic genre?
“The idea of a gothic novel was invented almost single-handedly by Horace Walpole, whose ‘The Castle of Otranto’ (1764) contains essentially all the elements that constitute the genre. Walpole's novel has greatly influenced novels not only written from that period of time but also until this date, he has also had great influence upon the short stories, poetry, and even in gothic genre film making up to this present day” Emily Bronte was influence by 'The Bridegroom of Barna', published in the nineteenth century when writing 'Wuthering Heights' The gothic genre consists of many codes and conventions that distinguish it into being gothic like. Often when authors write novels that include Gothicism, they use various techniques to help them build up certain emotions in the readers by using certain themes, motifs and symbols. One of the techniques that are often used in gothic novels is the use of pathetic fallacy. This is when the atmosphere or mood is reflected by the weather. In the case of Gothicism is it often very miserable weather. In the novel of Macbeth for example we are able to see that main type of weather found throughout the play is thunder and lightning storms which occur when evil deeds are carried out. Another example that pathetic fallacy is used within a gothic novel is Frankenstein, where the quotation of 'it was a dreary night of November' reflects on one of the characters moods. Another important element is usually the use of super natural events such as the presence of ghosts or vampires. This is a clever technique as in the eighteenth century many people either superstitiously believed in ghosts or where simply fascinated in reading about them, so, that era was therefore dominated by gothic novels that featured supernatural events. Lastly one other very vital element is the setting. The setting plays a huge role because it automatically sets the ambiance and atmosphere. Gothic novels are often set in dreary places such as...

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Wuthering heights
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