Frankenstein Essay

Topics: Frankenstein, Gothic fiction, Mary Shelley Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: May 7, 2014
Frankenstein as a Gothic Novel
A gothic novel is a story that is enriched with an ominous dark setting. The novel is entrenched with many mysterious atmospheres, horrifying events, and supernatural terrors. Mary Shelley does an excellent job of portraying what a gothic novel is in her bestselling novel Frankenstein. Mary uses examples such as weather, passion driven by a villain, horrifying events, and the supernatural to indulge the reader in this gothic novel; by using these very important elements in her book. Mary evokes both horror and fear in the reader creating a Goth feel. The extreme weather helps exemplify a gothic novel. Throughout the book Frankenstein the weather predicts of what evil is to come in different chapters of the book. Mary Shelley uses the weather to help readers get a better image of Gothic literature. Throughout the chapters the weather is used to portray victor’s emotions and guilt as he grows as a character in the book. As the audience reads the book they will begin to identify that Victor emotions goes with the bad weather. Mary Shelley uses lightning to foreshadow the miserable feelings that Victor Frankenstein encounters when believing that the creature he created murdered his brother William." A flash of lightning illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me,"(Shelley 67) telling by this quote a flash of lightning is symbolic of Victor's self being because Mary Shelley wanted readers to think that the shadow Frankenstein saw was the creature but in actuality it was the self-image of himself. Another example of weather being used in this book "The wind...rose with great violence in the west... Suddenly a heavy storm of rain descended." (Shelley 185) Wind and rain is used to foreshadow of what danger is going to transpire on this day. This horrible day was Elizabeth and Victor's wedding day. The wind and rain predicted of the dangers that were going to appear and the weather played as warnings to Victor of...
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