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Gothic Fiction

Samuel Taylor Coleridge took to the innovative gothic genre with his poem “Christabel”. The poem “Christabel” is a two part poem containing numerous gothic elements, paired with various literary devices to convey a vampire-esque theme. These gothic characteristics include the damsel in distress, the dark setting/nature, and Geraldine’s strange perversions. The poem contains symbolism, proper dialect, and personification which all help to convey the gothic theme and define the poem as a vampire poem...

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Gothic and Horror Fiction

In this final assignment I will talk about the patriarchal fear of female sexuality. I will also be dealing with a brief summary of the female figure in the gothic novel. To begin with, I will give a brief summary of the changes that experimented the topics of the nineteenth century novel; then I will comment on the description which some scholars give about the woman of the nineteenth century. I will also exemplify the patriarchal fear of female sexuality by using two of the texts studied in the...

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Gothic Essay

Royse Ap English 12-13-12 Gothic Essay Over the centuries, the American fascination for the grotesque and mysterious elements of Gothic literature never died off since its beginnings with Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto in 1764. The novel was a success; its creative usage of a remote and obscure setting, the supernatural and medieval motifs were found so attractive that its imitations began rapidly publishing across America. Very soon, the Gothic genre was an established classic...

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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Gothic Fiction

a constant battle between good and evil within oneself. In some, the battle rages far deeper than others. The works: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, Double Vision by Pat Barker, an article "The Duality in Gothic Fiction" by Murel Bailey, the Wikipedia entry of “Two-Face”, the 1963 film, The Nutty Professor, and the 2003 film, The Hulk all demonstrate this struggle in a most extreme way.  The novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis...

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Gothic Qualities in the Works of Poe

Gothic Qualities in the Works of Poe What makes the work of Poe gothic? Gothic fiction, particularly that written by Edgar Allan Poe has a number of common themes, motifs and structures that make his work easily recognizable and more importantly, fits his stories into the classification of the gothic. Among these elements of the gothic that run throughout the works of Edgar Allan Poe include the pervasive theme of death and decay, which is almost always a staple in Gothic fiction, the theme or presence...

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Gothic Lit

Outlining The Castle of Otranto Prompt: Taking The Castle of Otranto as your example, outline the main conventions of the Gothic novel, and show how your knowledge of these conventions affects your reading of Northanger Abbey. Is Northanger Abbey most accurately described as parody of the Gothic genre, or is there a more complicated relationship going on? Answer: Gothic novels purport to revive old stories and beliefs, exploring personal and psychical encounters with the taboo (Williams, 2000)...

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Gothic Literature

Gothic Literature Ann Radcliffe Name: Arunima Sircar Grade: 9 IGCSE A English Project- 1 Gothic Literature Gothic literature of gothic fiction is a genre of writing that merges elements of horror as well as romance. It has been believed to be first introduced by the famous English author, Horace Walpole. The many elements of Gothic Literature help make this genre successful and pleasing to the readers. Elements of Gothic Literature The many elements of a Gothic Novel help make the novel much...

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Gothic in Frankenstein

The ‘Gothic’ elements in Frankenstein One of the first novels to be recognized as a Gothic novel was Horace Walpole's Castle of Otranto (1765). This text as well as others such as Matthew Lewis’ The Monk (1796) was seen as being linked with what were traditionally considered Gothic traits: the emphasis on fear and terror, the presence of the supernatural, the placement of events within a distant time and unfamiliar setting, and the use of highly stereotyped characters/villains/fallen hero/ tragic...

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Female Characters in Gothic Texts

Female Characters in Gothic Texts Gothic fiction has become a popular area for feminist studies. Many commentators have noticed how females in Gothic fiction often fall into one of two categories: the trembling and innocent victim or the shameless and dangerous predator. However, others have noticed how women writers have often used the Gothic to explore aspects of femininity and sexuality. The mad woman in the attic in Jane Eyre has become a key symbol of Gothic feminism. The persecuted maiden ...

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Dorian Gray Benig Characterised as Gothic

The notion of the Gothic novel, also known as the “Gothic romance”, was a genre initiated by Horace Warpol’s Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story (1764). The Gothic genre of fictional prose spread over the 19th century. The idea of a gothic themed story is not simply characterized as a gloomy, horror story; there is more to the notion than simply this. The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde. Having first appeared in 1890 it was edited by Wilde and published in 1891. Given...

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