Written Task: Intervview

Topics: Taare Zameen Par, Aamir Khan, Mind Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Written Task (Draft-1)
1. What prompted you to make Taare Zameen Par?
(Aamir) When i read the story, I was moved. Ignorance of such complexities have led to unwarranted stigmatization of children suffering from disorders such as dyslexia. I felt that here was a god sent opportunity to convey to the world how important it is not to use a thumb rule to compare performances of children when they are blooming. Children are close to me and in the story i found innocence, trauma, desperation and happiness. It was altogether a story which was original and not having being dealt with before, either in Bollywood or Hollywood.

2. Do you think it was a bold step to direct such a movie as your debut? (Aamir) It was a challenge. I am fond of taking up new challenges. I must say, it was a bit scary after i had made up my mind, for you must remember it was an Aamir Khan Production, so there was financial risk also to the challenge.

3. The boarding school environment; was it a part of the original story, or was it made part of the adaptation later on? (Aamir) The original story did not have the boarding school environment. When Kiran and I were discussing the script, we felt that the boarding school environment gave freedom not only to the young character, but also provided a large canvas for me to play around with as well. Things like the scenery, or the scene when Darsheel makes the glider, or the scene on the day of the art mela could not have been visualized in a day school in a crowded city.

4. How hard was it for you to find someone as suitable as Darsheel to play the lead role in this movie? (Aamir) It was very difficult, but not in finding a talented child actor, but it was very difficult to choose from the many short-listed talented child actors. Till today i feel sad that i could not cast all others as well. Darsheel was found most suitable because of his uniqueness to perform intense scenes as though it was a part of his...
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