The Blue Spider case study

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The Blue Spider Project
Case Study Questions
Question 1. If you were Gary Anderson, would you have accepted this position after the director stated that this project would be his baby all the way? Answer: Yes, I will because this is a good chance to help me raise my current position. Before I apply for this position, I got MBA degrees before 1995. I have been a production engineer last several years and prepared to be a project manager. Question 2. Do engineers with MBA degrees aspire to high positions in management? Answer: Yes. High position managers will required more human skills than technical skills. MBA course is training managers’ leadership skills, teamwork skills, and conflict resolution skills which are very important to the high level management. Question 3. Was Gary qualified to be a project manager?

Answer: No, he does not. He cannot control the project very well because he lacks of conflict resolution skills. Also he cannot convince other people so he has to waste a lot of time on paper work and report processes. He cannot communicate with other managers, team members and supplier. Question 4. What are the moral and ethical issues facing Gary? Answer: He had to make a diction to tell the truth situation about the material during test. He decided to hide the truth.

Question 5. What authority does Gary Anderson have and to whom does he report? Answer: First of all, Gary Anderson as a project manager has the authority to use company resources. He has authority in manager and technical decision. There is one power he has called legal authority which is getting support from team members because power managers has been officially empowered. Based on that fact, he also has authority to manager the project evolved and the evaluate team members’ work. Project managers normally have to report to their higher level managers. Question 6. Is it true when you enter project management, you either go up the organization or out the door?...
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