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I.P.T Major Assessment Written Report|
System Development Cycle|


Understanding the Problem
Monster Tours have hired for the purpose of designing a solution to the problem of needing a means of attracting investors to the business with a multimedia presentation with the hope of them purchasing a franchise and setting up their own company based on the original Sydney based firm. I am also needed to increase demand for the companies’ travel packages resulting in increased income opening up franchise opportunities interstate. The exclusive offers provided by this company need to promoted and be explained why they are superior. The participants in this system will be:

* Potential Investors- are participants because they will view the multimedia presentation and then make a decision whether to invest in their own franchise or not. * Businesses Owners/Employees- they will need to provide information for the multimedia presentation and allow/help investors set up their own franchise. * Myself as the designer and creator of the solution.

* Participants on the tour- Input from the people that have travelled on a Monster Tour, travel package will be used in the presentation to reflect the experiences people have on tours hosted by Monster Tours. This presentation will also be used to attract more customers * Potential Clients- this multimedia presentation will be used to hopefully attract more clients on the tours hosted by Monster Tours thus increasing profits. Data of the companies income, expenses and profits will need to be collect as well as information on Monster Tours travel packages for the multimedia presentation for meet the requirements of the solution. Employees will also need to give information on how participants on a Monster Tour, travel package act, express and enjoy themselves as well as their favourite parts of the tour so this can also be included in the multimedia presentation. In order for the solution to be effective the presentation needs to be extensively researched and therefore a quick fix is not possible. This is because for investors to be attracted to the business the system must contain

Project Plan
The aim of this project is to attract investors into purchasing and setting up their own Monster Tours franchise through the use of a effective and eye-catching multimedia presentation that highlights Monster Tours state of the art facilities, amazing offers and one of a kind travel packages. Information on the travel packages and Monster Tours expenses, income and profits also need to be collected into a portfolio so that this information can be easily accessed when the multimedia presentation is being designed. The portfolio and multimedia presentation have 9 weeks (23rd of April- 25th of June) to be completed. I am planning to have the portfolio completed 4 weeks or at least mostly completed so I can then focus on the multimedia presentation of Monster Tours. The tasks that need to be completed are:

* Gathering information on Monster Tours
* Designing Income, Expenses and Profits Table
* Determining Tour Prices
* Making Decisions On Multimedia Presentation Design
* Determining What Information to Include in Presentation * Inputting Information Into Presentation
* Designing Presentation
* Finalizing Presentation
The following Gantt chart shows the planned work of how this project shall be completed:
To complete these sub-tasks , and the overall project in the allowed time I will need access to: * Computers that have the appropriate software (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) * The internet so that research can be completed efficiently * An appropriate progress log to keep track of tasks

With all this I should be able to complete all tasks efficiently and on time.

Requirement Report
For investors to be attracted to the Monster Tours franchise opportunities an extensive system is needed. There...
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