Writing Skills

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According to the American philosopher Ralph W. Emerson, "Travelling is a fool´s paradise". It is true that most of the journeys and experiences are enriching and help us getting new ideas and aspects.

First of all, the opportunity of travelling abroad is essential to know and visit other places or countries all around the world. In this way, we also know new cultures and other styles of life that are different from ours. Depending on where we are going, we will see different landscapes, different work and economic systems and also different ways to enjoy our everyday life. It is possible that we like what we see, but sometimes it is also possible that we still prefer our culture´s style.

Additionally, when we travel abroad, and more so if we are going to travel alone, we meet a lot of people and we usually need to communicate with them. For instance, when we want to buy something in a shop or to ask somebody where is the city centre. When we speak with someone else from that new place, we can get an idea about how are the inhabitans of that place.

But we also have to take into account that not everybody will respond with a kind voice. Since there are a lot of different people, we don´t have to follow the first idea perceived when we meet somebody. There are a lot of cultural stereotypes that we should not addapt because they are false. We can not generalize a characteristic of some people to the population of that country as do these stereotypes.

On the other hand, another advantage of travelling abroad is to practice a language because of a course. If we travel to a country where their inhabitants don´t speak the same language as in our country, we have the grat opportunity to learn a new language or to improve one that you had learnt before. I think that this is the best way to acquire a foreign language and with this learning process we will practice more than ever.

Finally, the last point that I want to mention...
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