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Test 1 Exam practice. Writing Part 1

Hi Adam,

I am glad you got a new mountain bike for a good price, It’s a long time that we don’t go out for a ride together so I really would like to do it this weekend. I have to work on Saturday evening so It would be much better to go on Sunday, like this we will be able to spend all the day out riding. I think it is very good idea going into countryside to see all the potential of your new bike! Do you know where we could go? If you know any place let me know how far it is. And like I have already said, I will be able to spend all day out riding so It is very good idea to take some food with us. We should take fruit, some sandwiches and a lot of water!

Well, that’s all for now,
Week 5 (31 of January– 6 of February):
This week was just the presentation of the Minor, the teacher talked us about the content of the Minor and the system of it. Now I start to know what it is to be a entrepreneur because it is a concept that I do not have very clear.

Week 6 (7 – 13 of February):
In this week we had to choose our group for doing the project of the minor. We had a class with Mrs. Samplonius where we did a castles with paper in different groups. This game consisted in doing one castle with 8 papers which supported one glass of water. With this game we could see that every group did the castle in different ways. One group did it very fast, another group did more beautiful or more efficient. At the final of the class Mrs. Samplonious asked about the groups for the project and like we did not have, Samplonious help us to choose it. We tried to do equality groups with different nationalities. Finally we formed the groups, and my group was composed by Natalia, Yifan, Eric and me, I was very happy because I had a group mate who could understand me and two group mates of different nationalities of who I could learnt very much and to know more about a culture.

Week 7 (14 – 20 of February):
In this week like we had to decide who is the group leader base on the result of Belbin test. So I did the Belbin test The team role that suit me best is monitor
And we did a meeting to choose the group leader and to talk about our project. We decide that Eric was the best member to be the group leader and that our project was going to be about the LED lights. We thought that this was the best option for the topic of the project because Yifan had worked in a LED company in his city Hangzhou so He knew many things about the topic and we thought we could help to the company for improving its sales. Besides We analyzed the topic of the LED lights and we realized about this was a very entrepreneur and sustainable topic. And this week we had the first progress presentation to present our project and our plans for it. So this week was hard because I had to work with the other members of the group that I didn`t know. And Eric and Yifan knew more about the project because it is about their city and for me and Natalia Saldaña was more difficult because everything was very new and we should be in the level of our group mates.

Week 8 (21 – 27 of February)::
This week we did not have lessons but I were working in the general analysis plan of the project. We divided it in different parts I did the part of environment factors, economical factors with my group mate Natalia.

Week 9 (28 of February – 6 of March) :
In this week, we did another meeting to finish the general analysis plan. In the meeting we talked about what we should to correct of the general plan or to develop more. For me it was difficult to this report because I had to understand many technological or financial concepts about the LED lights and about the situation of the country China. And it was like the first important work that I did with all the group and It was hard because we had very different ideas and ways of thinking. In this meeting we divided the rest of the points of our planning.

Week 10 (7 – 13 of March):...
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