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If I am hired as a teacher at *********, I will use the MEAL format with all my students. MEAL stands for main topic, examples, analysis, and liking. These are the four most important things when writing the body of the paper. A MEAL paper should also include and introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. The topic of a MEAL paper should have a good theme statement that includes the author, the name of their work, and the theme of your paper. This is important because it gives the reader something to keep looking back on to relate to the bodies. The writer should next outline what he will talk about that to support his theme statement. This serves to tell the reader will be discussed in each body paragraph.

The Body is the most important part because it gives the reasons for the side you have taken. A properly formatted body paragraph should begin with a main topic sentence that tells which support point will be described. Next you should give examples of this idea which supports the argument. This should come from an appropriate source such as quotes form the book, something discussed in class, or related personal experience. Next you should analyze these example and explain why their meaning in the argument. The paragraph should end with a sentence that helps relate this body to the next. This transition makes it easier for the reader to switch gears into a new subject. The conclusion to the paper is very important because it gives a universal meaning to the story. There should be a short summary on the point of the paper, but the conclusion should not reiterate the introduction. The final sentence should make the reader understand why what they have read is important. The MEAL format provides the student with an easy guideline to write their papers. It is the Best way to organize papers as it gets the point across in a quick, concise manner.
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