Wringer Report

Topics: Jerry Spinelli, KILL, Columbidae Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 14, 2012
By: Jackson Honderick-Hines

I read the book Wringer by Jerry Spinelli. This book is about a kid named Palmer who lives in a town that kills pigeons to raise money for the park. Palmer does not want to kill the pigeons and has to find a way to get around it.

In this book you will find a boy named Palmer that lives in a small town. At the first day of school, he quickly finds a gang of hoodlums to run around with and torture his neighbor Dorothy. His friends and he think it is hilarious to tree stump her, which is standing on the sidewalk blocking her passing over and over. Dorothy does not think it is funny and does not even flinch. Finally, she backs away from Beans and walks over toward Palmer with tears in her eyes and asks, “why are you doing this to me?” Palmer finally understands what the knot in his heart is partly about.

After Dorothy confronts Palmer, he decides to tell her his secret, that he has a PIGEON. He soon finds out that trying to keep his friends and the pigeon is very hard because his friends are fellow wringers and will hunt and kill a pigeon any time.

One day when Palmer’s pigeon spots him, it lands on his head in front of his friends and pecks his earlobe. This is when his friends get suspicious that Palmer has a pigeon. The friends soon investigate his house breaking in his window and trying see if he has a pigeon. Palmer is downstairs behind the couch with the pigeon wondering if they are upstairs or gone. Palmer finds out the next morning that his Nerf basketball with the pigeon’s name, “Nipper,” written on it is missing. Later that morning the gang shows up with his Nerf basketball and asks him, “who’s Nipper?” Palmer tells them that it used to be his old nickname, but truly it isn’t.

He regularly sees Dorothy after school every day and Palmer discusses all his troubles with her. Dorothy tries to shut him up and cannot, so she finally kisses him...
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