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Not only is this a part of my life but it has taken control of my life. As a child at the age of eight, I had not experienced many things nor had I the knowledge to know of all the great opportunities life has to offer. Things come at you when they’re not expected; that’s life. Actions that you may do in the present could affect you in the future. Noises, shouts and grunts could be overheard from a distance and my curiosity grew as they increased intriguing me to peek into the door of the burgundy coated building. Little did I expect that what I was about to encounter on the opposite side of this door would hold a great amount of meaning to me in the near future. I opened the door, my eyes were immediately drawn to the center of the gymnasium as people from the audience that came to speculate screamed and shouted. There was people seated on both sides of the gymnasium, from left to right people were exclaiming their emotions as they intensely watched the center of the gym. In the center there was a mat in which two young men were fighting aggressively, trying to bring one another down, grunting and panting. This is wrestling and it is not a game, it is war. This is my realm and my escape from the harsh reality on the outside of this gym and this is where I am destined to be for the rest of my life.

I can beat anyone, through wrestling I can be a winner. Never had I wrestled though after that encounter in the gym, my first glimpse of wrestling, I knew that whenever I found myself on that mat that I had the power and strength and the will to succeed. My mind was set; wrestling is where I wanted to be, it was where I had to be. Huron is where I began my career in wrestling though it is a small community, it offers many community activities. I joined the wrestling team through rec league and this is where my love for wrestling began so I will never forget where I came from.

My first match was held in the Huron Middle School gymnasium, though a small gym, it...
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