Marlen Esparza

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In Nathaniel Rich’s essay, “Marlen Esparza: Going the distance”, stated thatMarlenEsparza has a real talent for boxing. Talent is a natural ability, reflect the intelligence, great acumen, easy to cultivate and bring into play in future. Marlen Esparza who was born in Houston is a young American boxer and gets high achievement in the contest. When people look at Marlen, they will think she is a little girl, but actually she has a power and talent inside.To write this essay and affirm Esparza's talent, authors found information and interviewed not only Marlen Esparza but also her family and coach.The author is not the only person who confirms Esparza's endowment in the field of boxing, others also praised her ability. To prove his claim, Rich gives the myriad information in the essay to assert more of Esparza's talent. Everyone has at least one natural talent in a certain field.Some people show their talent very early when they are kids, but some people just find their talent until they become adults.Marlen Esparza’s talent was revealed in the sports field when she was youngand the author suggests, "Marlen was always desperate to compete against her brothers” (851). Although Esparza’s father desired one of his sons become a boxing legend, his younger daughter had an interest in boxing than his sons.Boxing is a sport that requires strong, healthy and high endurance, but Marlen who is a girl did not fearless when she dared to fight boxing with her brothers.This action showed a passion of a young girl who likes playing boxing that is mainly for boys instead of play activities for girls.In addition, a girl who could beat her brothersdemonstrated that she is very strong and have good stamina to pursue boxing.Inside her, talent seed had been budding when she was young. In his essay, Rich maintains, “She attacked that other little girl like a pit bull, like a grasshopper…Her determination and stamina surprised me. That other girl was trying to survive!” (851). Bull...
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