Would You Agree That Rizal Would Be Our National Hero Instead of Bonifacio?

Topics: Philippines, Spain, Wealth Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: December 12, 2005
Yes! Rizal should be our national hero instead of Bonifacio. Well if we talk about National Hero issue we should not be only on the things that they have done for our country but the things they have done for the sake of the people and the whole country. Rizal was thinking on making the Filipinos think of the same, act the same that they have common traditions, culture, and common ideals or goals to make them united. Rizal did his things smoothly & without blood shed, but what was the effect on the Filipinos? It was a big inspiration to all the Filipinos and even to Bonifacio. Its not using guns or swords, nor killing that we can judge who really is the national hero but it's how the person affects the whole Filipino race that time. If we really analyze, Rizal was the one who ignited the revolution, so without him, there will be no revolt. Rizal also uses the peaceful way against the Spain. It's a better way to use reform, which is peaceful and harmful into Spain and Philippines rather than a Revolution that was a harmful way that make or suffer more Filipino before getting there wanted. And it's better to use pen that hurts more on the inner part of the one who's reading than a sword or gun that has lesser effect on the person. I can say that Rizal should be the National hero not only on his writings and teachings. If we analyze his doings, he was doing something and knowing what will be the effects, feed back, outcomes, and simply he think about the sake of the others not just for himself. And I can prove that with his many doings, like not telling on the distribution of wealth of his novels, because he knows what will be the effect on the Filipinos if they have read it. They will be a conflict and they will be a separation of the group of the rich and poor and it will be a contradict on his plans of making the Filipino united. Rizal was never a person who think for himself only not like Bonifacio who just do want he wants not thinking on the consequence on...
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