World War Ii and Greatest Scientific Invention

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The Greatest Scientific Invention Of The 20th Century

5E  Yuen Ho Ting In the 0th century, there were many inventions, such as televisions, flight machines, computers, etc. Among these inventions, some people think thatthetelevisionisthegreatestinventionwhilesomeothersmaythinkthe flight machine is the greatest. As for me, the computer the greatest scientific inventionofthe0thcentury.

Originally, the computer was just a calculator, It was created by a Frenchman to calculate some complex figures. Then, it was used to process warfare data after the outbreak of Second World War. Later, the USInvestmentCentertriedtoincorporateitwithatypewriter.Thatbecame the first computer model in the world. However, it had a huge size which occupiedaspaceaslargeasoneortworooms.Itsmainfunctionwaslimited processing a small amount of figures. Moreover, it consumed a lot of power. Peopletriedhardtoimproveitbydoingintensiveresearch.Thus,computers improvedandevolvedintothemodelsweseenowadays.

With the invention of computers, our lives changed and were filled with fun. Firstly, it provides entertainment for us. We can watch movies, listen to music or even browse the Internet for the latest information in the world which increases our knowledge profoundly. Besides, computers enable us tocommunicateandkeepintouchwithfriendsandrelativesthoughe-mails, instantmessengersandICQ.

Other thanproviding funand entertainment,computersare serviceable atwork.Peoplecanusethesoftwareinthecomputer,likeMicrosoftWord, ExcelorPowerPointtodealwiththeheavyandcomplicatedworkload.Itcan improve the productivity of the workers and make the office work...
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