World War 1 Propaganda

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Clemente Hernandez



World War 1 Propaganda Report

My topic is on trying to get men to join the military during World War 1. On my poster I have a man that is in the military look as though he is the happiest a man could be. I have him clearly in military attire as he has bullets and a grenade on his waist. He has a big smile on his face to show how people are the happy in the military. Next to the man in the poster is the U.S. flag. Lastly, in the poster the man is supposed to be glowing and is supposed to add to the “idea” that being in the military thing would bring many positive emotions to people.

The poster of course is trying to persuade you to believe the army would be a great positive experience that also makes you feel good about being patriotic for the U.S.A.

This poster would support the war efforts by getting more men to enlist in the military. Not only enlist, but to come into the military with enthusiasm and pride. More people would then persuade each other to join and so on and so on.

Some historic facts that can be seen is that this poster would have been made around the time of World War 1 because the flag at the time (like this one) only has forty-eight stars on it because at the time we did not have Hawaii or Alaska as states. Some historical knowledge the viewer would need is to know how back in WW1, propaganda was used heavily in ads towards the war.
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