World History

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Mongol Empire, Byzantine Empire Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Latia Jackson
Mr. Neidich
World History Expansion Essay
Throughout the history expansion, groups have set out conquer various lands, people, and cities for a multitude of reasons; social, political, economic, and environmental. The three groups that are known for their similar expansion efforts are the Mongols, Spanish, and Ottoman.

From 1180 to 1220, Mongolia experienced ad drop in temperature. This meant that the growing season would be cut short, and it would become difficult for the Mongols’ animals to survive. Without animals, the Mongol society could not survive either. This decreased the trade from North and Northwest. The Mongols needed to obtain goods, but without this, Mongols initiated attack and invasion against the two dynasties. Organization was the key to Mongols’ armies. They had 10 squadrons; the ten of them formed a Quran of 1,000 men. The Mongols applied these techniques with greater force. This would prove useful in overpowering the great Chinese cities years ahead. They received tribute and trade because they had control of the trade routes. In order to expand to other lands, the Mongols used qualified people. They did not, however, tinker with systems that didn’t work well. In 1189 to 1243, Yelu Qucai demonstrated how much wealth the region could produce. The Mongols kept this system in place. As this was kept up, everything and everyone remained in their positions.

Unlike the Mongolia, the Spanish, led by Christopher Columbus and other explorers, did not expand just to gain materials to survive. In an entry Columbus wrote, he had seen a few natives wearing gold. Columbus thought that this is a sign that an area would be rich with gold. Gold became important in Spain’s economy. With more gold, Spain would have more power, and the land would appear more powerful. In document 5, there’s a picture, “The Broken Spears,” showing how the Spanish would invade Aztec cities in search for gold. After the Aztecs were destroyed, the...
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