Working Principle of Solids Control Equipment

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Most people knows that solids control is important for the oilfeild drilling industry,but less people knows the working principle of solids control equipment. Solids control is a technique that uses combined equipment for drilling rigs to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well to the surface.

The solids control equipment contains five stages,which including mud tanks,shale shakers,vacuum degassers, desanders, desilters and centrifuge. Each of these items play a important role on the drilling rig as a filtration system to extract solids from the mud and return cleaner mud to the active system. It controls mud weight and allows the rig to drill faster and keep the properties of the well-bore hole consistent so that producing formations are protected, it helps prevent blow outs and is environmentally friendly.

Brief introduction of KOSUN Solids Control

1) KOSUN Solids Control is first API Certified Solids Control Company in China. 2) KOSUN Solids Control manufacture base total area is around 135,000 ㎡with advanced processing machines.
3) KOSUN Solids Control products have been used in over 55 countries including many big players in the oilfield.
4) KOSUN keeps developing the state of the art products and owns over 10 patents. 5) KOSUN Solids America team will always be there 7/24 to service you in Houston, Texas, and we are expanding in more areas to set up service point.

6) KOSUN always keep in mind ” Safety” is the first all oilfield jobs, KOSUN Solids Control has passed HSE, ISO14001, and ISO 28001.

As the professional advanced decanter centrifuge supplier,KOSUN has won high recognition and praise from domestic and abroad with science core technique and a lot of innovative patents.

KOSUN is widely recognized for developing solutions for downhole problems, from the simple to the complex. KOSUN has been providing a complete line of solids control equipment for the oilfield Industry...
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