KOSUN Solids Control Equipment Are the Best Choice for the Drilling Industry

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Drilling technology, Liquid Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Besides drilling mud solids control, KOSUN also offers the drilling waste management equipment. Last year, KOSUN provided 2 units of cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/decanter-centrifuge.html package to Russia for drilling waste cuttings treatment. Now the machines are still running well, that is a successful project for KOSUN.

The mud/gas separator captures and separates large volume of free gas within the drilling fluids. If there is a "kick" situation, this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates. The gas then is forced to flow through a line and vent it to a flare. A "kick" situation happens when the annular hydrostatic pressure in a drilling well temporarily (and usually relatively suddenly) falls below that of the formation, or pore, pressure in a permeable section downhole, and before control of the situation is lost.

The drilling fluids flows into the jet pump with certain pressure, in the jet pump, fluids spouts out from jet nozzle first, then flows into shear pipe through mixing chamber. Materials will be added from hopper to mixing hopper, and move into shear pipe with the flow. During this process, they are dispersed and mixed. The mixture will enter mud tank after flowing out of the shear pipe.

Solids control is so indispensable in drilling that we can’t work in drilling without it. As one of the professionals in solids control, KOSUN provides all the solids control equipment, such as shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, etc. Apart from being specialized in designing & manufacturing of jet mud mixer, KOSUN can also manufacture a whole solids control system for oil & gas drilling based on the requirements of the customers.
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