KOSUN Shale Shaker Play A Major Role In Oilfield Drilling Solids Control Device

Topics: Shale shakers Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Shale Shaker is that the primary device within the field drilling solids control, and it's the primary stage solids management instrumentation furthermore. There area unit many varieties of sedimentary shale shakers and sedimentary shale shaker screens http://www.kosungroup.com/products/product-accessories/shale-shaker-screen.html obtainable within the solids control equipment market these days. KOSUN provides every kind of screens with totally different openings reckoning on the configuration and dealing conditions. All the screens use ultra-fine high capability screens to screen sand from drilling fluids below serious hundreds.

Unbalanced motion offers longer screen duration and therefore drier solids off the discharged finish of the sedimentary shale shaker.

The basic operate of the KOSUN field Drilling sedimentary shale shaker is to supply primary solids removal from each oil-based lubricating substance and water-based lubricating substance operations. The sedimentary shale shaker thought-about during this work encompasses a balanced elliptical motion that conveys solids quicker and provides higher capability.

AWD Angle Adjustment System will raise or lower the tip of screen basket whereas the drilling sedimentary shale shaker is functioning, it is the KOSUN-patented. This half includes 2 vertical column assemblies that area unit connected on the higher beam assembly and area unit hooked up to the lubricating substance shaker base. The mobile a part of AWD consists of the lower beam, limiting device that controls vertical movement and screw rod that drives the upward and downward movement of the screen basket. Each ends of screw rod area unit hinged with the higher and lower beam assemblies severally.

As the skilled advanced sedimentary shale shakers http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/shale-shaker.html provider, KOSUN has won high recognition and praise from domestic and abroad with science core technique and plenty of...
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