Work Measurement on Katsa Bag Production

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Work Measurement on Katsa Bag
(Gifts and Graces: Cainta, Rizal)

I. Rationale
Environmental issues and problems started to arise last decade. Awareness and drive to solve these problems has grown to 89% (NIHERST, 2008) since 2008. This has resulted to different campaigns and movements such as the Earth Hour Campaign, where everyone is encouraged to switch off household lights for an hour and the birth of eco-friendly products into the market. One of the most in demand and popular eco-friendly products is the cloth or katsa bags. Several big companies such as Rustan’s and SM have invested and promoted the use of this product not only because of its earth friendly feature but also due to the convenience and cost-saving advantage it gives to them and to their customers. Katsa bags have widened its range of usability. Before it is only used when people go to wet markets. Now, it is seen and used not only in supermarkets but in high end malls and places as well. With the continuous expansion of its market and increasing demand, production of katsa bags is now seen as a critical process as its production cost and market value is now a concern of the public.

II. Problem Statement
Without an existing time standard for the production of katsa bags, the management allocates extensive time allowance for the completion of job orders. This results to excessive avoidable delays taken by the workers.

III. Objectives
This study is an application of the theories learned in the IE32: Methods Engineering Class. It aims to utilize the problem solving tools and work measurement techniques discussed in the course. Moreover, this study intends to help Tahanang Walang Hagdanan by accomplishing the following specific objectives: * To improve the productivity and efficiency of Tahanan Walang Hagdanan's katsa bag production  * To determine the time standard for producing a katsa bag using time study * To improve systems and procedures for selected processes  

IV. Scope and Limitations
The study focuses on the processes involve in the manufacturing of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan's katsa bags. Since there are different varieties of katsa bags, production of Antipolo katsa bags will be the premiere focus.  TIME STANDARD SCOPE

Even though Antipolo katsa bag production will be observed in this study, standard time for all the all other processes except silkscreening will be applicable for other katsa bag variety with the same dimensions. Silkscreening is the source of variation as different imprints are processed in different durations. SILKSCREEN PROCESS LIMITATION

Different customers require different imprints on the katsa bags. The time it takes to produce patterns differ depending on the number of colors that will be seen on the imprint. A pattern can be reused once it has been created. Returning customers with the same imprint design do not need to be prepared a new silkscreen template. Since Antipolo katsa bag is a returning customer, creation of the silkscreen template will not be observed by this study. V. Methodology

The group conducted visits to the actual site of katsa bag production in Cainta. Interviews with the operations director, Lita Evangelista, marketing officer, Lolit Tuazon and sewing department supervisor, Leizel Tabocolde, were done every visit to familiarize the process and to be aware of the problems that they encounter. The actual operators were also asked about their assigned tasks. Basic questions such as how the processes are done, how many operators are involved in the assembly and the like were asked to give the researchers a background on the nature of making katsa bags. Familiarization of the process was done before conducting an actual time study on the operators. The current system was documented by means of flowcharting. Moreover, problem solving tools were used to identify the sources of production inefficiencies and to recognize where to focus in solving the above...
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